Fee Fighter

Fee Fighter

Are you overpaying FBA fees? Did you know Amazon is changing dimensions and fulfillment fees by the THOUSANDS every day?
Don’t worry, Fee Fighter has your back. 

We built Fee Fighter after realizing Amazon had 2 different fulfillment fees for the SAME product on our seller account. We got refunded about $75 for orders for the past 30 days. How many more of these are we missing? From the start of Fee Fighter, we have saved users well over $10k in FBA fees in just the first couple weeks. Jump on board and get Fee Fighter, its FREE. 

Also check out our low cost reimbursement tool to help maximize your reimbursements.

fee fighter

Automated Analysis

Our software checks daily to see if you're paying too much. One more thing you don't need to do

Daily Updates

The dashboard will automatically add new products needing re-measurement and reimbursement

Crowd Sourced

We depend on sellers like you to help everyone save thousands

How Much Have You Overpaid?

We have found thousands of dollars in overpaid Amazon FBA fees for our customers. How much have you overpaid? 

Why Are You Overpaying FBA Fees?

After seeing a few simple mistakes, we knew that these overcharged FBA fees went much deeper. Amazon already collects enough fees…don’t pay more than you have to. 

We built the software for our own business. Opening it up to others was pretty simple. Being a crowd sourced product, it depends on the community for help.

To get people more interested in the community to participate, we offer a small reward to help measure products. Each product needing measurements get $1 in credit. If you find a product that results in a reimbursement, you get $10 in credit. By offering this, we all win.

Simple answer: MONEY. No one wants to give Amazon more money. Unless you are really good at memorizing and calculating fulfillment fees, we are the simple solution. And, you get free credit to use for our other software!