Profit Guard

What is Profit Guard?

Have you ever restocked a product to sell on Amazon, then look back and say “what was I thinking?”. Profit Guard is here to help prevent that. The software checks all of the products you sell on a daily basis and gathers a historical data. From there, you can simply double check your products to make sure they make sense on repurchasing.

Profit Guard also offers an amazing feature of finding  profitable products you are not selling from your existing vendors. Many sellers lose track of profitable products when their vendor is out of stock for a few weeks. As you continue the quest to look for new products, the good old products slip away. Not anymore. We track those and highlight them reminding you to purchase them when you make your next vendor order.

Profit Guard

Automate Profitability

Our software checks profitability and creates easy way to double check your math prior to orders. No more simple mistakes

Maximize Vendors

Purchase ALL of the profitable products with your vendors and open up greater discounts

Combine with Inventory Management

Using our Inventory Management software, all of the profitability shows up on your PO as well as all of the missed opportunities

Grow Your Business

Simple mistakes can be a killer in any Amazon business. When you are restocking products, having factual data is the key to success. Don’t make simple mistakes thinking products were still profitable while reordering. Amazon is very dynamic and buybox pricing is changing by the minute. Make smart, data driven decisions and maximize profitability.

It Just Works

Have you ever made a restock order and then realized you make a mistake? Then yes, you need a tool like this. Besides, you’ll maximize your vendors and make more money.

These are products that are currently profitable from your existing vendors that you are not purchasing. 

With more skus in your seller central account, we have to do more processing and storing. Profit Guard is based on use simply because it is more processing and cost for us.

Use our Inventory Management software and all of this info will be on the purchase order. This makes life even easier not needing to do manual checks

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Profit Guard

$ 10 Per 1,000 SKUs
  • Daily Profitability Checks
  • Profitable Product Finder
  • Easy to View Format
  • Profitable Day Count
  • ROI and PM
  • Bulk Sheet Upload
  • Quick Field Edit
  • Historical Data Check