Fusion Financials

Fusion Financials

Fee FighterUnderstanding your financials is one of the most complicated things when it comes to Amazon. Amazon offers some parts of the financials but doesn’t cover things like your cost of goods or any other financials like your internet, supplies or software. You need good software like Fusion Financials to tie all of it together in a simple format. The great news is, we combine a couple of softwares out there into one. Financials in our software for day to day work and export to Xero or Quickbooks for books you can share with your accountant. 

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inventory management

Automated Accounting

Fusion automatically calculates profits with every sale and displays it in a simple to read page

Built for Simplicity

We aren't accountants and you probably aren't either. No worries, we made it simple

Export to Xero or Quickbooks

Don't need to pay for a book linking software on top of everything else

Understand Your Numbers

Lots of sellers see their gross profits from other softwares and feel like they are kicking butt. The problem though, people don’t account for everything like they really need to. Don’t wait until tax time to really understand your numbers. Watch them daily and adjust your business to maximize profits. Trust but verify.

Numbers Made Easy

While Fusion Financials is not a book keeping system, you can easily track your expenses and simply export them over to a true accounting software like Xero or Quickbooks.

Most sellers love their ROI or PM calculations by shipping software or other softwares. Most people over look expenses like software, internet, packaging supplies, labels and all sorts of other expenses. These add up, you need to account for them.

Both of these softwares are true accounting softwares that accountants use professionally. To reconcile your books properly, we suggest you use a formal accounting software. They have great connections to banks and credit cards to import and reconcile each transaction.

While formal accounting software will show you your true net profits and formal accounting, they don’t break down per unit, per asin or per sku profitability. You need to understand how each product you sell is performing to understand if you should restock it or not. These softwares also do not import Amazon statements to help you understand your fees and other costs.