Fusion Reimbursement Tool

Amazon Reimbursement Tool

Amazon is a complex system and makes lots of mistakes. You may not be aware how much you are owed by Amazon. Our Reimbursement Tool is the most affordable reimbursement tool out there. We offer up a simple DIY service and show you how to claim all of your reimburesments by yourself. There is no reason to pay 25% fees on your reimbursements to third party services when you can do most of them yourself. Most sellers using our service pay simple $20/month for 1000 skus (in Seller Central). 

Also, check out Fee Fighter (it’s FREE) to get even more reimbursements!


Automated Daily Checks

Fusion's Reimbursement Tool checks your account daily to ensure you get all of the reimbursements Amazon owes you

Dont Want to Argue With Amazon?

We got your back. We know how difficult Amazon can be. For the one's you need to argue for, we will offer a low cost service to help.

Low Cost Reimbursements

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month? Save thousands with Fusion

Why We Built Fusion's Reimbursement Tool

In 2022 we paid a third party service just over $10,000 in reimbursement collection fees. We had to do something. That $10k doesn’t include any inbound shipment issues (we have always done those ourselves). When we did the math, using Fusion Reimbursement Tool, we would have paid $720 rather than $10,000. We had to do something. You can jump in on the savings too!

Fusion Reimbursement Tool FAQ

We have worked hard to develop a thorough system but there are times we may miss things. Amazon is always changing. If you find ones, let us know and we will update our code!

Simple, our software runs on servers and you do the little bit of work needed to get reimbursed. The average seller spends about 2-3 minutes per day getting their reimbursements daily.

For sure! We recommend you stay on top of your reimbursements daily and make sure other services don’t take 25% of the reimbursement you can easily do yourself in 30 seconds though.

Sure, we would be happy to help. While our software will show you these issues included in the cost, many sellers hate dealing with Amazon. Thats where we step in. If you decide to use our paid manual service, we do charge 20% of the reimbursement. As you know, this is a lot of manual work and arguing with Amazon. 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fusion Reimbursements

$ 20 Per 1,000 SKUs
  • Lowest Cost Reimbursement Tool
  • Simple Easy to Use Interface
  • DIY with Mega Savings
  • Lost FBA Inventory
  • Damaged Inventory
  • Disposed of Inventory
  • Unreconciled Inventory
  • Shipment Reconciliation Notices
  • Additional Paid Done For You Available

*removal order reconciliation coming soon